The secret of long life: Drink coffee!

Moderate coffee consumption reduces the risk of some major diseases like heart problems, Parkinson’s, and Type 2 diabetes. Therefore, as what scientists suggest, the secret to longer life is to drink coffee.

Whether you drink regular or decaf coffee, it can help you have a longer life by reducing the risks of premature death due to certain illnesses. It is also stated that to reduce suicide rates.

But no association noticed when it comes to cancer. It is not caffeine but the plant compounds of coffee that contributes to this health benefit. Lead Scientist Mind Ding from Harvard T H Chan School of Public Health in US said that the bioactive compounds in coffee reduce insulin resistance and systematic inflammation.

A total of 208,501 male and female participants are analyzed for 30 years. The findings are printed on the journal Circulation. Drinking 3-5 cups a day was associated with reduced risk of death across a range of causes.

The analysis even took into account the other factors such as smoking, body mass index, physical activity, alcohol consumption and diet. The statistics and research do prove that moderate consumption of coffee can give health benefits.

Still, other factors such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle is still something that we should always take note of, not compensating it with our health by drinking lots of coffee.